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Architectural translation has the characteristics of professional wording, a wide range of fields, and large projects. It is a field recognized by the translation industry as a large project. However, as architectural translation involves not only professional vocabulary for the architecture translation industry, but also professional legal translations (bid, bidding, etc.), mechanical translation (instructions for installation and use of large equipment, etc.), animal husbandry, and environmental protection. In order to complete the translation of such documents, it is necessary to have a combination of professionals from various fields. It is very important to cooperate with experienced and highly-professional translation service providers. Foryou has 17 years of extensive translation experience in construction, civil engineering, tunnels, bridges, roads, transportation and real estate, and has a professional architectural translation team. The translators have deep Chinese and foreign language skills, language expression and organization. Strong ability, with rich expertise in the architecture field and rich translation experience, can better help construction companies to expand global business across geographical boundaries.

Service Scope

Service Scope

Road engineering translation, water conservancy engineering translation, stadium construction translation, environmental engineering construction translation, airport engineering construction translation, highway construction industry translation, tunnel and bridge construction industry translation, power station construction industry translation, terminal construction industry translation, civil construction engineering translation, amusement Translation of stadium construction, translation of underground civil defense engineering, etc.

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Our top mangement is consisted of language veterans graduated from PKU, UIBE, MUC and BFSU, under the chairmanship of Dr. MENG Yongye from both UIBE and PKU

Translators and Interpreters

Graduated from linguistics or translation majors: over 40% of master degree, 30+ persons with 5 years and 13 persons with over 10 years of full-time translation experiences

Industry Experts

Our industry experts, of professional background and rich translation experience, are mainly engaged in terminology, technical review and training

Project Managers

Having been experienced translators first, project managers are responsible for assigning translators, revisers and reviewers, monitoring all processes and verifying deliverables

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